Atlas of the birds in Bulgaria

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Distribution and numbers of the birds varies due to the human activities and natural processes. Some species extend their habitat into new territories, but others occur on less and less places and become endangered. It is of extreme importance to us to have up-to-date information of the distribution and numbers of every bird species in Bulgaria in order to plan and implement measures to their conservation.

BSPB has prepared the first Atlas of nesting birds in Bulgaria (Yankov, 2007). It has laid the foundation for the overall mapping of the birds during their breeding period.

Thanks to many volunteers, using the mobile app SmartBirdsPro, BSPB gathers actual data about the bird’s distribution in Bulgaria.

Shared data about the birds has been used for the purposes of the first national evaluation of the state of the birds in Bulgaria, necessary for the reporting according to article 12 of the Directive 2009/147/EO for protection of the wild birds for 2007–2013 period. In 2020 BSPB provided actual evaluation about the distribution and numbers of 72 birds species with limited distribution in Bulgaria. It has been based on a published results from ornithological researches, made in 2013–2020 period as well as on unpublished data from field researches, targeted monitoring and single observations during the period, saved in the Smart Birds information system. During the last evaluation the comparison between the distribution and numbers of the species and the evaluations of the reporting on the Birds Directive from 2007–2013 period.

We are presenting here the data about the nesting and wintering birds in Bulgaria in result of the mutual efforts of numerous birds’ admirers.

Number of species by squares

Description: The map presents all identified bird species for the period December 1 – February 28, after 2016 according to the available data in SmartBirds.

Number of species by UTM squares established during the breeding period (April 15-July 15) and in winter (December 1 – February 28) in the period 2016-2020, according to available data in SmartBirds.

Attention: All registered species during this period are also presented, and among them there are probably those that do not breed in the respective square, but are vagrants, summer visitors or migrating.

Large size map

Distribution of breeding species by squares

Select a species to see where it is found after 2016, according to data collected at SmartBirds during the breeding season.

Distribution of wintering species by squares

Select a species to see where it is found after 2016, according to data collected at SmartBirds during the wintering period.

Species’ info

Here you will find information about the distribution of birds in Bulgaria. We have presented the data from the Breeding Birds Atlas (Iankov, 2007) and more recent data collected in SmartBirds since 2016. For 80 species of conservation importance, a distribution map for the period 2015-2019 and a recent estimation of population size by 2020 are available.

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