Atlas of nesting birds in Bulgaria

Common Sandpiper

(Actitis hypoleucos)

Category of conservation concern (IUCN, 2020) – Least Concern

Population size: 100 – 250 pairs

Distribution pattern

Dispersed all over the country, to a lesser extent in the Eastern part (the Black Sea coast and the adjacent areas, Dobrudzha and South-eastern Bulgaria). Predominantly found along the valleys of the larger rivers in the lowlands, but also at some parts of the mountains, including their higher parts. Its adherence towards rivers and streams determines the linear location of many of the sites in neighbouring squares.

Big size map

Breeding distribution 2013 – 2020 – The distribution and the estimation of the population size of the species for the period 2013 – 2020 is presented –

Comparative distribution of the species compared to the first breeding birds atlas (Iankov, 2007): Breeding locality until 2007 | Breeding locality until 2007, confirmed after 2015 – | New breeding locality after 2015. – The breeding localities after 2015 are identified on a base of raw data from


Breeds along sandy and shingle banks of rivers and streams, usually in their middle and upper courses and in sectors with rich and dense riverside vegetation, similar to temperate riverine and swamp forests and bushes or within temperate broad-leaved deciduous forests, rarely in temperate mixed forests or temperate coniferous forests, sometimes found near standing fresh waters with water fringe vegetation.

Trends in population changes for the period 2013-2020

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