Atlas of nesting birds in Bulgaria

Semicollared Flycatcher

(Ficedula semitorquata)

Category of conservation concern (IUCN, 2020) – Least Concern

Population size: 1 500 – 3 500 pairs

Distribution pattern

With patchy and dispersed distribution, denser in Eastern and Central Stara Planina, the forested areas around Varna and in Strandzha, and more dispersed in Western Stara Planina, Sredna Gora, Vitosha, Rila-Rhodope Massif, Danubian plain, Thracian Plain, along the Tundzha River Valley, etc.

Big size map

Breeding distribution 2013 – 2020 – The distribution and the estimation of the population size of the species for the period 2013 – 2020 is presented –

Comparative distribution of the species compared to the first breeding birds atlas (Iankov, 2007): Breeding locality until 2007 | Breeding locality until 2007, confirmed after 2015 – | New breeding locality after 2015. – The breeding localities after 2015 are identified on a base of raw data from


Breeds mainly in old, mostly natural alluvial and riverine forests and brush, and in broad – leaved deciduous forests of Fraxinus oxycarpa, Quercus sp., Fagus sylvatica and Fagus orientalis, etc. Comparatively rarely breeds in old or abandoned orchards, tree and shrub plantations, and public parks and gardens or in the forested areas in the outskirts of settlements.

Trends in population changes for the period 2013-2020

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