Atlas of nesting birds in Bulgaria

Yellow-billed Chough

(Pyrrhocorax graculus)

Category of conservation concern (IUCN, 2020) – Least Concern

Population size: 1 500 – 2 500 pairs

Distribution pattern

With patchy and dispersed distribution, concentrated on the high rocky parts of Central and Western Stara Planina, Rila, Pirin, Osogovo Mountains and in lower altitudes on karst terrains (Ponor, Iskar Gorge, etc.).

Big size map

Breeding distribution 2013 – 2020 – The distribution and the estimation of the population size of the species for the period 2013 – 2020 is presented –

Comparative distribution of the species compared to the first breeding birds atlas (Iankov, 2007): Breeding locality until 2007 | Breeding locality until 2007, confirmed after 2015 – | New breeding locality after 2015. – The breeding localities after 2015 are identified on a base of raw data from


Breeds exclusively in caves (karst precipices), in karst areas with cliffs and exposed rocks, and when foraging visits alpine and subalpine grasslands. Often single specimens or small flocks feed on food scraps in the garbage of the mountain huts.

Trends in population changes for the period 2013-2020

Not analysed


Not analysed